What's this site for?

Mainly for aviation professionals to keep easily up to date with what is in the public domain about operations in or near volcanic ash clouds.

May 2011

Here we go again, the site has been fairly dormant (like most of the Volcanoes in Europe) for the past twelve months and has seen a sudden resurgence in popularity due to the eruption of Grímsvötn a volcano in Iceland on Saturday 21st May 2011.

What's an ASHTAM?

Hands up if you knew what an Ashtam was or how to get before the eruption of Eyjafjallajoekull in April 2010, come to think of it who has actually seen an ASHTAM now ? Follow this link if you are interested in what a real ashtam looks like


This aim of this site is to put all the useful aviation related Volcanic ash material (no pun intended) in one place, and a shameless promotion of my services as both a pilot and software developer.


Development started at 13:50 on Sunday 18th April 2010, you can keep up to date with Site Updates by visting this link.

Ash concentration zones

Our Google Earth KML File creator has all the code in to decode the ash concentration files from last year, we are currently rebuilding to get the data from the correct place, should be done Tue 24th May 2011.

Recent Useful Stuff from the CAA and EASA

Latest Updates

Too many to mention at the moment, I will post an update later today Tuesday 24th May 2011.

Notams that mention Volcanic or variations on it, most recently issued first.

Updated every hour at about 30 minutes past the hour. The links will take you to my Griffin Helicopters site to display the Notams in detail.

    Google Earth VAA

    Volcanic Ash Google Earth Tools

    You can now download the latest Volcanic Ash Advisories as Google Earth overlays by downloading the Volcanic Ash Advisory KML file.

    If you need to generate your own KML files based on a VAA that does not relate to the latest Icelandic eruption you can do so on the Volcanic Ash Advisory Google Earth Tool page.

    The Current version of the KML file allows you to view the current and next 4 forecast Volcanic Ash Advisories, with only the current version being visible to start with, the other layers can be viewed by ticking the folders in the Google Earth places folder when the file has been downloaded and opened.

    The next version will allow just one download and subsequent updates will be controllable from within Google Earth out having to revisit this site each time.